Self Awareness is the key to form an independent will. Let your conscience and creative imagination work first to create self awareness and move on with C LL to create legal awareness for one and all.

Chennai LexLight is an Indian monthly legal publication duly registered with the Registrar of Newspapers for India (RNI), which intends to portray the vibrance and colours of the black and white world to all those in and around it. Chennai LexLight envisages to consistently present:

  • thought provoking articles and write-ups by proficient practitioners of law and chiselled legal luminaries,
  • the latest legal developments including the latest laws as well as the developing perspectives and interpretations of existing laws that are constantly made by our judiciary,
  • snippets of interesting legal facts and circumstances,
  • latest news from the legal field,
  • comparative studies of not only the Indian legal system but also of the position of such laws across different societies and countries across the globe, and
  • some old fashioned courtroom humour too, amidst all the legally enhancing pages!

Above and beyond, Chennai LexLight also takes prides in sharing its space for its extensive CLL STUDENT FORUM which is managed and run by our very own Student Editorial Board and filled with novel ideas of students from across the country in the form of posters, articles, competitive legal puzzles such as “You be the Judge/Lawyer”, legal reasoning teasers and crosswords, etc., apart from providing info on competitive examinations in the field of law, higher legal education, seminars, moot court competitions, etc.

The law and the legal system develop each day in synchronisation with the changes and developments in our diverse, multi-cultured and economically multi-layered society. We believe that the progress of our country rests not only in the existence of a sound legal system, but also in the knowledge and widespread awareness of the same. Chennai LexLight envisions to provide an academic forum for exchange of thoughts which reaches out not only to legal professionals and students who aspire to excel and climb the ladders of our justice system, but also to the common man for whom it is built, apart from aiming at the creation of an intelligentsia with the positive object of selfless and dedicated service to the cause of Legal Awareness.

So, without further ado,
Team Chennai LexLight!

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